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Virtual Brainstorming Session, Anyone?

Blogging Friends, I need your help once again!

For one of my classes, I'm to write a 10-12 page paper on ANY leadership issue. I really want to spend my time researching and writing something that will me and others in the area of collegiate ministry.

Here is the assignment description:
In the light of principles addressed in the course plus further research, do a 10 to 12 page paper developing a leadership issue (for example-- conflict or change) that will make a difference for the glory of our Lord in a present or potential context. This is not merely a paper on a leadership topic, but it is to include specific application and implementation aspects in a real situation. Briefly, describe the selected issue which must relate to a particular church or organization, a ministry/ organization and the prevailing leadership paradigm/s operative currently in about a half a page. Then research and suggest applications to address the chosen issue. Specify how you or leadership should lead through the proposed changes (both personally and corporately). Then delineate the steps that should be taken in managing conflicts that could arise. Address such issues as assumptions you are making, communication factors, leadership development, evaluation, renewal, etc. Project a timeline for implementation if appropriate.

Let the brainstorm begin! :)