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Finally solved the Stone Tablet Clue

Well, I finally figured out the stone tablet message after much hard work:

It said, in ancient cretian symbols (but in swahili transliteration):
Money Book

Then, in Babylonian numerals (which had a base of 60 so I had to figure out how to translate that number to a base of 10):


Then, back to ancient cretian symbols:
Ninakupenda, which means "I Love You"

SO, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to bring 599 dollars with me?! Or maybe it's $5.99 (hehe). I think I'll just bring my checkbook :).


denise said...

Tiff, you're AMAZING!

Jake said...

Yes, she is, especially since no one really helped. Here's Linear B (http://www.crystalinks.com/linearb.gif) and babylonian numerals (http://www.biocrawler.com/w/images/1/16/Babylonian_numerals.jpg) if anyone wants to see what she did.