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Stone with symbols

Another fun clue!

Last night I went to find the storage box of summer clothes to find some shorts, and I found this in the box:

Anyone recognize these symbols? I google imaged several languages and hieroglypics-type languages; I also looked through some of the symbol fonts on microsoft word, but I have yet to find a match. Any ideas?!

EDIT: Here is another clue I received related to the stone tablet:
That tablet is mixed up like the tower of babel, hanging gardens, labyrinth, and in that language I dabble.


Mrs. Haid said...

Oh my gosh. I cannot believe this game is still going on! And its getting more tricky than LOST.

I hope that at the end of your quest is some buried treasure or perhaps a bucket of gold! Because you will have worked hard for it!

jenny said...

I can't see the picture that well...buy maybe Amharic?