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My Sweet Aly Turned One!

I can't believe that this year has gone by SO fast. I have vivid memories of the days when she was so teeny and slept ALL THE TIME. Boy are those days gone! :)

Aly has been such an awesome addition to our family. Who would have known that I had the capacity to fall completely in love with another person?!

Some memories I have of her over this first year...
- her bruised little face after flying out of the birthing canal (she was in a hurry to get out and meet her brother!)
- at 3 weeks, she had to be admitted to the hospital after having some breathing troubles. I think this was one of my first "motherly intuition" moments. and of course, she pulled her IV out of her head, even at 3 weeks old. I think they were quite surprised that she had that much coordination so early!
- aly LOVED (and still loves) the outdoors. She was slightly colicky, but would stop crying immediately when we took her outside. Sometimes just opening the door would make her stop crying. I can only remember one time that it hasn't worked. Daddy and Aly did quite a few late night walks around the Ashland Manor parking lot.
- i was incredibly thankful that aly began sleeping through the night so early. At 7 weeks, she was sleeping 10 hours in a row at night! She did this until 6 months. Haha, I guess she's making up for lost time or something now.
- Aly LOVES her momma. She lights up when she sees me and wants me to hold her, hug her, and give her kisses every time I come back into a room. This obviously makes me feel a special bond with her, but can be hard when trying to leave her with someone else :).
- I think Asante and Aly are best friends. Asante was the first person Aly smiled at and the first one she laughed at. She looks up to him so much and he's taught her a lot about the world.
- Her first word was "tickle" (at about 8 months), which is what she would say as she would start crawling towards us to attack us with tickles. I guess that says something about how often we tickle each other!
- Bath times are glorious for her. Typically she enjoys them a ton and could stay in them until she turned pruney.
- She's very artsy. She loves to dance, sing, draw, and listen to music.
- Her words at age one include: mama, dada, baby, girl, Aly, ball, tickle, dog, hi and bye. She repeats some other animal/truck sounds and words, but hasn't used them independently yet.

I love this girl! I'm so thankful for my little Alethea Amani Malloy.


jenny said...

Sweet post! You should put up some pictures for those of us who don't see her everyday!

Jake said...

Here are some for you Jenny: http://picasaweb.google.com/malloy.jake/Spring2010?feat=directlink

Laura said...

i LOVE reading about your family! this was so sweet