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We've started to teach Asante a little bit of different languages. He's great at repeating the words and using them...just some of them in the wrong contexts.

Ni-hao. This means Hello in Chinese.

To Asante, this has been used as the following:
"Ni-hao, Ni-hao" - the sound a donkey makes.
"Niiii-haoooo!" - an exclamatory substituted for the word "Wow" or "Awesome"

Ah, I love watching the process of learning language. It's so interesting to see words and concepts evolve.

When Asante was first learning to talk, the word "dog" meant everything that moved....even people for a brief period of time! Then it moved to anything that had 4 legs (meaning the insects were no longer included)...and then it eventually moved to both dogs and cats, and then dogs. What a fun process to watch!

For all you moms out there, any fun language stories or mishaps?