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Free Book*

I must admit that after 30 pages of Free Book by Brian Tome, I was pretty put off. I was shocked by some of the things that he was saying and almost dismissed this book as one that “tough guys” who love to be the independent American should read. I wondered who in the world would want to read a whole book of this. But, I decided to persevere through it (since I'm reviewing it for Thomas Nelson's book review program, booksneeze).

I would have missed out on a lot had I put it down. PLEASE persevere through the first few chapters because it gets really good. Tome guides the reader through a series of chapters which makes you think about various strongholds in your life that is preventing you from experiencing real freedom in Christ. I will be rereading this book in order to think about some of the things that came up in my own heart.

Tome certainly does “bring it”, but in an incredibly authentic and humble way. I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks they are not experiencing life to the fullest--- the way God wants us to experience it.


stacyaluthi said...

Thanks for the review. I am currently a team member of Book Sneeze, as well!

I like your blog!

Have a blessed day!

Stacy Luthi

Alex Penduck said...

What was so bad about the first 30 pages? I was thinking of reviewing it as well.

Tiffany said...

Stacy - Thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog too. Isn't booksneeze a cool thing?!

Alex - The first 30 pages was very "stick it to the man"-ish, in regards to "freedom." One of the many examples was that the author thinks that helmets are for sissys, so when he rides a motorcycle in states that doesn't have a helmet law, he takes it off. And why do we put our children in helmets when they ride bikes? Things like that. The tone *totally* changes though, and ends up being really good.

Ariah said...

Your book reviewing! That's great. Never heard of booksneeze. Have you liked it?
Did you try viralbloggers?

Tiffany said...

ariah, yeah! Booksneeze in Thomas Nelson Publisher's blogger reviewer program. I'm really enjoying it. It's still open to bloggers, so if you are feeling like a little extra reading... :)

I have signed up for the Ooze Bloggers as well, but I only recently received an email from them about a couple new books. It seems as if they don't have them very often...

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