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A Little Challenge

I've been spending some time these past few weeks reading through books related to the field of campus ministry. College is a time of transition, identify formation, and decision. Students from our youth groups move away and are getting connected in new communities. Don't we want them to have a family away from home? Don't we want someone there to shepherd them? Don't we want a person or team of people specialized in the current collegiate field to do what they do best- love and guide and resource college students?

I think we'd all say yes to the above. So here's my challenge.

Find a campus ministry in your area (whether that be through your local church or a campus-based ministry) or one you were involved with in college, and give them a new year gift of money. Maybe even commit to give them a little gift each month. Perhaps you could even commit to always supporting a campus ministry for the rest of your life! This could look like $10/month. From past experience, no gift is too small. Why? Because one of the hardest things about collegiate ministry is funding. You could even designate where you want your money to go: Campus ministers salaries, materials for ministry, building costs, campus organization costs, mission trips, conference scholarships, etc.

Students fall off the church's radar screen when they go to college. Many never come back. CRAZY amounts don't come back. Help make collegiate ministry possible. Just give a little.