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Those that remain

Jake substitute teaches for the local school district, and on MWF he teaches math at a private school in town, so he's unable to sub. On these days, however, they (the automated system) beckon him to come work. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, the jobs that are left unfilled are almost all special education jobs. As I've watched the job list update, as soon as a non-special ed job comes up, it's gone within minutes. But the special ed job remains.

What does this say about society? And since a lot of substitute teachers are young people/those in college, what does this say about those entering the workforce, my peers?


JR. said...

It's sad how fearful we are of those who are visibly broken among us. I find myself often forcing myself to be as kind and outgoing to a 'special needs' person as I am to 'normal' persons (side note: I struggle with the vocabulary with which we as a culture Other 'them' as well). Wright State has a high percentage of handicapped persons, and I'm enjoying getting exposure to the culture here.

As someone who's subbed myself, I can attest to the fact that special needs classes are super fun.

But it's really sad that you literally can't pay some persons enough to sub those classes.

Ashley said...

well, that depends on if it is a behavior disorder class or just a special needs class. I'm not a sub and probably won't ever be, but I can only imagine BD kids could be a handful with a young (or old) sub.

I do understand what you're getting at though, but I can understand the reluctance, especially if a person is inexperienced. Good thoughts.

Tiffany said...

True story, Ashley. I can understand the reluctance as well for a behavior disorder class. I think I wouldn't know what to expect either. But, like you said, you understand what I'm getting at. Thanks for the comment! I see you follow Bethany Haid as well...are you friends with her?