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I'm Grieving

Allow me to vent.

My laptop crashed this afternoon. Hard drive is gone.

So are...

all my documents from this semester of school.
all of my firefox bookmarks--- compiled over *years* worth of time
my research articles that I just downloaded not too long ago
parts of my family documents.
I can't think about anything else. It's too painful.

I did backup on August 6th, so that's good.
But it's September 27th.

Not sure what we'll do at this point. I'm sharing Jake's desktop until we find a solution.

Here are our options so far:
1. Buy a new hard drive online (the TigerTech guy said that we can probably get one online for about $80). Then, we'd have to insert it ourselves, or maybe have them do it. My laptop also doesn't have a working cd/dvd drive, so that's a purchase we'd need to do as well. In addition, it got dropped a month or so ago, so it makes a funny clicking sound when I open and close it. This option would be to replace those above two items and pray the funny clicking sound is only cosmetic.

2. Buy a used laptop and just try to sell my old one to someone for a hundred dollars or so...taking the parts that they want/need. In case that clicking sound would make something else break after we spend a few hundred dollars replacing the broken items.

3. Buy a new laptop. This is looking like the the most unlikely. In fact, I don't think this is even an option.

Sigh. I'm sad. Maybe unreasonably sad. In fact, it breaking made me seriously consider quitting online classes. Probably a little overboard, but was feeling that way nonetheless.

It was just so ... comfortable. It was my home away from home. I could take it with me wherever and work on whatever. It was all organized *just so*.


Ariah said...

ugh, that stinks so much. My laptop died last year and it was a pain in the butt. I'm really sorry.

Not like your looking for opinions, but I'd probably go with a used laptop or a new, they seem to be cheaper and cheaper these days. You definitely don't want to have major problems again and maybe you can find something with a warranty to get you through the school years.
And always backup!
I'm gonna do a back up right now after reading your story. sorry again! that sucks.