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And Now For Aly

I figured it's only fair that I post an Aly update as well. She's not making as big of leaps and bounds that we can see, but one thing she IS getting- and that is happier! Up until this point, she's been a moderately cranky little darling child. I attribute this to her sensitivity (she's very reactive to different sights, sounds, smells, and touches). A change in environment can cause an overload for her, especially when she's sleepy. As she's maturing, I think she's able to handle these things much better.

Physically, she's sitting up by herself for indeterminate amounts of time, and tonight she got up on all fours for a little bit (but not making any forward motion). Jake predicts that she will begin crawling in 14 days. So we'll see. :) She is in the stage of loving to play with any kinds of paper/tags/etc. Aly's doing a good job of using her hands to grab things that she wants, and holding on to them as well. In fact, tonight she held a toad!

Aly was visiting Grandma and Grandpa Malloy's house, but is back with us now. We missed her a lot and realized that a half of a week is a long time in baby development!

We have lots of video and photo uploading to catch up on; I think we'll work on it some tomorrow and hopefully have some entertaining media within the week for your viewing pleasure.