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My Asante Sana

So it seems fitting that I post about Asante, as Alethea has been getting some good air time here lately. He's been adjusting quite well to little sister. Although he's sometimes violently loving, it's all out of a soft heart :). He's at the point where he REALLY wants to hold her by himself. He tries to rip her from our arms and run, lol. Every morning when he wakes up, he comes into our room and looks into the bassinet and says "baby" and waves. It's sweet. Jealousy hasn't been an issue yet, so that's been a relief. Jake and I try to do a good job of giving him as much attention as we can, and just explain why he needs to wait when we're changing or feeding or rocking alethea. He seems to understand and tries to find something else to do until we're ready to help him.

Also, he's become quite the computer head. He likes to press buttons and see what they do. The other day he opened my laptop and pressed the on button to turn it on. He also makes folders on our desktop. And names them silly things like 0411.


Mrs. Haid said...

LIke asante sana, squish banana... from Lion King?

Tiffany said...

yep! exactly my reference :).

Brian M. said...

Tiffany- Saw your post on Benson Hines's college ministry blog. I'm a campus minister at the University of Kentucky and a grad. of Asbury Seminary and two of my staff guys are entering their 3rd year at ATS. I'd love to hear more of what you and your husband are thinking in terms of resources for college students. We are working in that direction as well, developing better materials to engage college students. Hoping you are well... Please email me if you have a time. I'd love to sit down and chat with you and your husband. Brian brian@ukcsf.org

Isaac Johnson said...

Asante's one cool little man.