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Sticker or No?

My friend Meredith gave me a baby calendar that she had gotten but wasn't going to use. You know, one of those things where you display pictures, month-by-month, and put fun little stickers on days of "first things"- first tooth, first steps, first word, first doctor's appointment...and first roll and first sleeping through the night.

A week or so ago Alethea slept through the night. 7 hours straight. Although it was slightly alarming, waking up and realizing your newborn hasn't woken up in 7 hours (is she breathing still?!), it was also a delight to have slept so long without interruption. I was figuring I wouldn't be getting that for at least 6 weeks.

Anyway, after sleeping through the night, Alethea rolled over during tummy time. Twice. So, the dilemma I faced, do i put both those stickers on the same day? Do I put either one of those stickers on? I mean, they were both accidents, not really likely to happen again.

So all day i was wondering, stickers or no stickers? It was one of the first things I asked Jake when he got home.

Oh the decisions I have to make as a stay-at-home mom. :)

(p.s. aly's now rolled over 4 times during tummy time. i can't decide if it's still accidents or if she just wants to be on her back!)


jen said...

haha, oh man, i don't know. i think the sticker has to land on the first day it happens, fluke or no.

so aly is alethea's nickname? i like it. does asante have a nickname?

Tiffany said...

yeah! we think "aly" will be nice as a young child, and then maybe she'll grow into "alethea". it's turned out to be a challenging name for people to read AND repeat.

We kinda called Asante "Te" (like, Tay) but not a ton.

Jessica said...

i understand your dilemma. maybe sticker with a note of journaling?

i think she's just super baby and that's why she's such a stud.

can't wait to meet little aly :)

Denise said...