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The Happiest Baby on the Block

If you are a mom, or a dad, or plan on becoming a mom or a dad, I would highly suggest this book. My landlady, Hilary, gave me this book, along with a swaddling blanket-- she said it was a godsend for her.

Basically, he gives 5 S's to helping your child quiet down and sleep longer, especially if the baby is "colickly" (i put this in quotations because he doesn't actually think that colic exists-- did you know that there are some villages around the world where there is no such thing as colic?)

1. Swaddle. Wrap them babies up tight so they can't move their arms.
2. Side (or stomach, i've found). Babies sometimes don't like it on their backs because they can easily startle themselves and feel like they are falling.
3. Shhhhh. yes, "shhh" them like you would teenagers in a movie theatre. Also known as creating white noise. Asante particularly likes the sound of the bathroom fan and my hair dryer.
4. Swinging. Put them in a swing, rock them, drive in a car. Anything that creates the feeling that they had in the womb with the momma walking around all the time.
5. Sucking. Whether it be a bottle or a pacifier or whatever.

All of these work together to create the womb effect-- making them feel like they are back in their mother's womb until they are mature enough to be able to quiet themselves.

Thankfully Asante is a really calm baby, so we don't have to use these very often. I've noticed that the swaddle often helps. And once he's swaddled, we do the swinging or sucking.

Here's to a happy baby!