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The Things Asante Says... :)

Asante: do you want to call anyone, mommy? (handing me my phone)
Me: Um... I don't think so.
Asante: oh.
Me: Well, who would I call?
Asante: Uncle Brycey and Adriene
Me: Oh, well, what should I tell them?
Asante: I would like to tell them a bible story.
Me: Which one?
Asante: the fiery furnace one. it's a bad one though.
Me: Why would you want to tell them a bad one?
Asante: I think they'd like it.

a few minutes later...

Me (to Jake): I feel like tweeting that I feel like I'm on Little House on the Prairie since we're all sitting around the table eating an afternoon snack of fresh blackberries and blueberries.
Asante (overhearing this): Can you write down mulberries too? Can you write it right now?