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Laughing with Sarah review

One of the most recent books I received from The Ooze Viral Bloggers is an independently published book called Laughing with Sarah, written by Gene Jennings. The cover looks pretty contemporary and it seemed like a good idea to write a book about stories from the Bible, applying them devotionally to one's life. I thought maybe I could use it as a devotional...you know, a little food for thought everyday along with reading the Scripture from which it is drawn.

Sadly, it just wasn't for me. Each chapter was a sermon that he had delivered. And while I'm SURE the sermons were great, they didn't translate to book form well. I felt ... preached at. The author seems like a great guy and all, but this just wasn't my cup of tea. However, if anyone wants this book, let me know and I'll get it to you!


Rebekah's Public Self-Publishings said...

Hi, I'm really interested in taking Laughing with Sarah off your hands, if you still have it to get rid of, and if you still want to get rid of it. Your contact me link wasn't working, but that's a common issue with the computer I'm using for it to glitch on links and just not open them. So I figured I'd leave a comment if I could. Let's see if this posts.

If you still have the book, and still want to get rid of it, please send me an email to sgreges@student.yosemite.edu as I don't actually check my gmail account but like, once a year.

Thanks and God bless