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A Week of Free Treasure!

As many of you know, I LOVE getting free things! It's like a little treasure hunt for me! :)

This week was a particularly strong week. In the mail and email, I received:

a coupon for a one scoop sundae at Culvers
a $5 gift card to Wal*Mart
a coupon for a free large back of sunchips
coupons for 2 glazed donuts from QT
coupon for an ice cream cone from Andys

Last week was fairly good too...in the mail I got a pouch of laundry detergent, a travel-size deodorant, an individual-size box of Kaashi cranberry cereal, and 3 vitamin C packets that you mix in with a drink.

Crazy, huh?!


jenny said...

I got the Kashi one...twice...those chocolate covered coconut granola bars are ah-mazing...but how did you get the wal-mart card?