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The Clues Continue

My anniversary mystery is continuing to unravel. Over spring break, I found a few more data matrices in places like the back window of our car, in my Bible, and in my backpack. When decoded, they said:
- we trust, we have faith, as the core of relation, hoping through that to bring fear to cremation (our family value of faith)
- Some say books should be devoured for their treasure inside. I hope you are able to find what one tries to hide. (I have yet to figure this one out)

Oh! And I also got a strange piece of mail before we left. The data matrix on the front was not from the post office, but from Jake. It said: no mindless consuming that we're not reducing; using resources for creative producing (our family value of creativity).

I also found a very interesting clue at the beginning of our spring break roadtrip in the compartment between the seats. It was a good 'ol number 2 pencil with a strip of bubble wrap wound up around it.

On the pencil were three sentences:
- We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.
- The medium is the message
- But the eyes are blind one must look with the heart

After a couple days, Jess and I figured out that the bubble wrap around the pencil was actually a code in braille! So, we looked up the alphabet online, and felt our way through the bubble wrap, writing the letters as we went along. Because I started popping the bubble wrap when I first found the clue (who can resist popping bubble wrap is what I want to know?!), we were unable to make out a couple of the correct letters. BUT, because we are smart ladies, we figured it out. From that clue, I know that on May 13, 2010 at 2:00p something is going down that I should be ready for!


JR. said...

The quotes (at least the first two) are from Shane Hipps. They're probably in Flickering Pixels but also in his talk from Catalyst.

How's that? I don't know about devouring books though... maybe an eReader?

jenny said...

How long did it take him to put all this together???

jake said...

I haven't kept track, more than a few minutes.
JR. those two are actually from Shane Hipps hero.