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Puzzle #2

Fellow Bloggers,

The next round of puzzles are here. This afternoon, I found this awaiting me on our family desktop. Any ideas about how to start decoding this one?!

Oh, and another piece of helpful information is that the file is named "drhu data".


Amanda Iman said...

You might want to check this out...

Tiffany said...

Update, with the help of imanda's stellar skills, I was able to decode this message (www.drhu.org). It said:

"this is Clue 0. There will be 5 and 13. You will find them."

Until next time, my friends!

Mrs. Haid said...

I would be so confused by this. Wait, I am confused by this. Is this something that math majors understand, but nonmathy people dont???

Tiffany said...

haha, bethany, i was confused by this too. i had no idea what this picture was until amanda iman (the first comment) shared that link with me. Once I knew what it was, i just searched internet for a "data matrix decoder". I found one, uploaded the jpg to it, and out came the message.

Apparently these data matrices are what people use on packages or other items when they want something to be encrypted.