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Purpose of the Sermon

On page 159 in Rob Bell's Jesus Wants to Save Christians:

"The measure of a sermon is not whether it affirms what you already believe. A sermon is not a product to be consumed and then evaluated according to how good it was or whether it was pleasing or enjoyable...the gathering of the church, in a service or worship or teaching setting, is to remind, instruct, and inspire people about being Eucharist for the worlds they find themselves in."

What are your thoughts? What do you expect to hear when you hear a sermon? When you are disappointed, what are the reasons why? When you are encouraged, what are the reasons why?


Ariah said...

I wish sermons I heard were much more practical. i.e. Reminder that the gospel calls us to love and care for the poor, this is the way this church is living it out, you should join in and participate.

I honestly can't stand most sermons as they are all abstract. Event Bell's quote is intriguing but I really want to know what it means to be the "Eucharist for the worlds"?