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Ninos update

Time for an update on my darling children! It's been awhile, and I'm sure you distant family will appreciate it. Friends who see my kids on a daily basis, you know all of this already, so you can go to the next item in your google reader. :)


Aly-doodle is doing great in the ways that she is moving and shaking and eating like a feign. She has been doing awesome eating whatever we eat, despite that she has had zero teeth up until Friday! She has been eating hamburger meat, cheese, spaghetti, beans, broccoli- anything that is "big people food." Up until last week, we could count on her to sleep through the night- I think she made it a whole week and a half or two weeks of going down at 7/8 and not waking until the morning! Yippee! In addition to all of this, she has been cruising along quite nicely and has recently discovered that she can go from crawling to standing up without holding on to anything. This was a skill that Asante didn't have until after he started walking. I hope this means walking is just around the corner!

On the other hand, Ms. Aly is a ball of crankiness. She has been crying a lot and often over the past week or so. She's been fighting a fever/cold/cough in addition (or maybe because of) this stinkin' tooth. This has interrupted her sleeping (both naps and night time) so needless to say, we're tiiiiiiired. :)


This little guy has been really into singing and dancing lately. He's been learning tons of songs and nursery rhymes and dancing around to them. We even had a little dance party in the living room this afternoon which was awesome (thank you, Slugs, Bugs and Lullabys!). He loves playing little games we make up and he's started driving (eek!) on daddy's lap. He is just getting over a few weeks of horrible stuttering. He's still struggling a little, but not anywhere near what it was. His favorite things to talk about? "What does ______ (porch, wife, etc.) mean?" "tell me a story about pigs", "Guess what?" (after which he proceeds to do something really strange), and "Aly, you are fiesty!"

As we approach Aly's one year mark, I reflect on what people told me when I first had Aly. "Tiff, this year will be hard. But after Aly is one, it gets a lot more fun and a lot easier." They were totally spot on. These kids bring me so much joy, even on the bad days. :)


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