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Clues 2-7

I've been finding mini data matrices hidden around the house- in the egg carton, on a bottle, in Asante's Bible, etc. After decoding them, here's what they've said:

Congratulations for picking up clues that were subtle, your dit and dah catch no room for rebuttal (dit and dah is morse code lingo).

The exam was the easiest piece of the puzzle to solve, Daniel and Melvil called to applaud your resolve (no idea what exam refers to, but I think Daniel may allude to the Daniel Boone Library and Melvil to the founder of the Dewey Decimal System).

Back in the states and Aly's addition, you starting school with unbridled ambition (referring to our 4th year of marriage).

Not one upping, no need to compete; suffering with, till all with love are replete (our family value of compassion).

Generous we give expecting abundant provision, scarcity mentality we view with derision (our family value of generosity).

First year at Fulton, coaching kids how to run, end of the year our first born, a son (referring to our 3rd year or marriage)