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She finally did it!

Okay, so although I blogged the other day about my inner conflicts with blogging about children, I'm going to brag about my little almost-9-month-old, Aly....


We were hanging out at the Parents as Teachers Lending Library, and Jake found something she really wanted. So, she got a determined look on her face and just did it! It was cool that Jake and I both got to see it.

I've been waiting on this for awhile; I even had myself convinced she would never do it. It must have been watching her great cousin Grant who is only a couple weeks older than her, but is crawling and cruising around like an expert. We hung out with them in Potosi for awhile this past weekend, so that must have done it!

This just goes to show me that all kids really are different. By this age, Asante was crawling, climbing, and cruising all around.

She has a lot of practice to get in before she actually does it on a regular basis, but it'll be getting crazy around here soon, I'm sure! Yippee!!