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Christmas Break Wish List

Things to Do over Christmas Break + January

x1. Read Thomas Nelson Reviewers book and blog about it.
2. Finish reading Benson Hines' College Ministry ebook.
3. Scrapbook Aly's life thus far.
x4. Order all books for next semester.
x5. Clean the refrigerator.
6. Plan a Louisville, Wilmore, Dayton roadtrip.
7. Complete financial aid stuff for Asbury.
x8. Write a thank you letter for scholarship (again).
9. Do Taxes (got my copy of turbo tax in the mail!)
10. Update facebook with pictures.
11. Plan out a month worth of blog posts.
x12. Read lots of sleep and nursing books.
13. Work on my collegiate/young adult ministry idea files.
x14. Read all of my google reader articles that are starred.
x15. Reply to every starred email (sorry to those of you who haven't gotten replies yet...)
x16. Re-create by browser bookmarks.
17. Re-create my computer working space (music, pics, folders, etc.)...still need to recover from old computer.
18. Backup my new laptop.
19. Rethink the purpose of my blog and proceed accordingly.


Jeff R said...

Remember it is a "break". I think some Tetris action needs to be in there somewhere.

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