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Blogging that Promotes Love

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to blog, or why I even blog in the first place.

Sometimes things pop into my mind to write a post on- a milestone of the kids, a yummy recipe I'm enjoying, a fun activity I'm working on, etc. But then I think- why am I blogging about this? Do I want others to see how cool my kid is? Do I want others to think better of me because of what I say? Do I want to be well-known for something? So then I choose not to blog because I feel like it's slightly egotistical. Hence I don't end up blogging very often.

Have you ever read a blog post of a friend and thought- "wow, i feel lame. my kids aren't doing that" or "i must be really boring" or "i feel like i'm lacking in _____ area of my life". That comparison bug bites me all of the time, and I wonder if blogging sometimes eggs that on amongst people.

Now I'm considering if I should have a more professional blog- dealing with relaying information and research I come across to help others-- instead of having a personal blog. However, the thing about a personal blog is that my family and friends who are far away can be updated on how our family is doing. But then I think- I can do that through a simple email or with a phone call and ask in turn how THEY are doing.

So, my friends, I'm torn. What is the purpose of healthy blogging?


JR. said...

I think it can be to share ideas, invite feedback and build community across distance.

I'm going to start using mine to offer ideas I have to help people continue to learn and ask for advice on what I'm working on.

I'll also have an area for book reviews and ongoing theological/cultural reflection, but these will be less frequent.

What about you?

ash said...

I think you can have a blog that talks about urself and it not be a bad thing. I think that you can keep people updated and talk about ur kids and recipes and "mom" things. You never know who might stumble across and find it helpful.

Chrissy said...

To connect with others who are experiencing similar life circumstances. To express ideas, frustrations, joys, etc. so everyone knows we are not in this journey alone...the journey of life.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the comments!

Maybe I have to choose whether this is going to be a mommy blog, or if its' going to be a professional blog. I know that my two areas of interest (parenting and college ministry) have very few overlaps.

Oh which one do I choose? :)

jenny said...

I think you can totally have it both ways- it doesn't have to be an either or...I do think that some people turn theirs into somethinjg completely unrealistic and true because they don't blog about struggles, etc- and only about the positive and exciting things...it's very one-sided.

But I think you should keep posting about milestones because some of us aren't there to see them for ourselves...and for those of us who aren't parents yet, it's still fun to read what you guys hvae been implementing with your kids :)

Ariah said...

The best blogging can span both those areas. Just write what you feel like writing and want to write and the rest will fall in place