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Quarterlife Crisis

The growing trend today is to talk about graduating college students as having a "quarterlife crisis." Midlife crisises, as we're more familiar with, are when the tension of 3 conflicting desires climax: to have a successful career, to have satisfaction in your work, and to have a rich personal life (Guinness in The Call, 143).

Some in the media and church like to criticize the younger generation for being slow in growing up and lazy in pursuing financial independence. This generation takes time to choose what they want to do, are slow to settle down on a one-track career, and want immediate gratification in their jobs (instead of climbing the corporate ladder to meaningfulness). Could it be that we've seen the incontentness and midlife crisis' of our parents and other elders, and are protecting ourselves from that from the beginning? This is my thesis; we'll see how it works out in 20-30 years.


Jake said...

Good thesis. You should build on that.

Mrs. Haid said...

I know some excellent case studies if you need interviews/data!

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