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Intentional Discovery

I've started working on a plan of intentional education for Asante for the rest of the year. He's only 20 months old, so I don't want to be hyper structured in the way I'm teaching him. However, I've noticed that he learns well in themes, so I decided to plan 2 themes a month, each for about 2 and a half weeks, where we focus on learning about a certain subject. Here's what I have so far:
August: 1.) Moving/Forest/Outdoors
2.) Body Parts
September: 1.) Music
2.) Colors
October: 1.) Fall
2.) Food
November: 1.) Family and Birthday
2.) Thanksgiving
December: 1.) Winter
2.) Holiday
I'm researching books, videos, CDs/music, activities, and discussion topics for each theme, along with making some loose objectives for each one. If anyone has any age-appropriate suggestions, let me know! We'll be using the Little Red boxes at the library, along with the purple PAL bags if applicable. The Columbia Public Library is amazing and I'm so sad that we'll be without it in a year.

Anyway, this is what I've been working on in my free time! If anyone wants me to work on constructing age-appropriate kits, let me know!


jenny said...

I read a lot of blogs written by mother who homeschool their children (of all ages). I'm also amazed at how they have things structured- maybe you could check one of them out and ask for more age-specific ideas.

Liz Hooper Brookhart said...

Tiffany--there is a teacher's website that has monthly themes that I use alot but I def. think that much of it could be used for younger children with slight modifications...it is really nice because she has lots of songs, poems, read aloud suggestions, and pictures with detials/sources for "projects". I am sorry I don't have an exact address I just always google "little giraffes" (that is the nickname for her classroom) If you are interested and can't find it just let me know.
:) Liz

Ariah said...

That's pretty cool. I like that.

We work on parts of speech that our sons speech therapist assigns, mostly just small games through out the week. But I like the themes idea.