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Community and Service- do we REALLY want them?

I've been reading a bunch of stuff about this next generation (both the one above and below me, since I'm kinda on the edge of both of them), and I'm beginning to doubt some of the research.

Two things that characterize this generation is wanting true community (honesty, vulnerability, family-like closeness) and opportunities to make a difference/change the world.

At the surface, yes, we do want those things. But, I think that these desires are being hijacked by our selfishness. We want true community, but only if it's OTHER people being authentic, honest and vulnerable. Only if we want OTHER people to be intentional about community. Very often will we be the first one to put our necks out. We want opportunities to make a difference, that's true too. But observations I've made from my own experience and listening to some others' experiences in different parts of the country: 1.) we tend to not like to serve when push comes to shove, especially when it's at an inconvenient time, it's not fun or glamorous, and it's not something we particularly enjoy doing. 2.) we tend to get excited about something, talk alot about it, and then not do it, or just do it once and then go on to the next new thing.

So, do we just WANT these things- are they values that we want to value, or are these values that are really characteristic of our actions?

Jesus' words have been ringing in my ears lately- I've not come to be served but to serve... what implications does that have on my family's life (family as in biological and community)? Conviction has come, and I must repent.

What do you think? Do we really want these things? Or do we just like the idea of them?


jenny said...

Excellent post, my friend. Isaac and I have been talking about this a lot lately.

Mrs. Haid said...

2.) we tend to get excited about something, talk alot about it, and then not do it, or just do it once and then go on to the next new thing.

This really rings true for me! I have noticed this a lot... in all areas, not just church or community outreach related. I think that once an idea is not instantly gratified or feasible, we give up because there are so many faster ways to accomplish other things. Like we only have patience for instant messaging, not planning long term.

Tiffany said...

jenny, thanks. i'd love to talk to you guys more about it. i'd really enjoy hearing your insights. i'm working on some research.

bethany, hey, sorry i couldn't come to your shower! we were out of town for a family reunion. was it great?!
your insights are very helpful and true. do you have any ideas of how to foster this type of long-range planning and patience in ourselves and then in others?

Ariah said...

Agreed. I think we are big talkers, but not much as far as doing goes.