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I just received an email that I've been chosen to receive a free book called Lost and Found (through lifeway). Rock. I've been really wanting to read that book, as it's right up my future research alley.

I also won a free necklace at Stormie and Adriene's jewelry party on Friday night.

And in the past few days, i've gotten coupons for free things...
- free scoop of ice cream from baskin robbins.
- free dinner at lonestar (up to $15).
- free dt. dr. pepper at QT.
- free small sub from Quiznos.
- free small sub from Schlotskys Deli (in KC only :().
- free medium drink from Sonic.

How does this happen? I don't even try that hard. i mean, it takes a little work, but it's nothing that out of my way. Well, to be fair, if you sign up at a lot of these food places' websites, they send you coupons for free stuff around your birthday (which is what most of these items were). But you can get free things every month at QT by signing up to take one survey a month.

And the first two things were total flukes. i never win any contests. Both were simply the luck(?) of the draw, or bingo number.

I'm a little nervous that if i ever start playing BINGO as an older adult, I'm going to get hooked. And spend Jake and I's life savings. So no one invite me to the senior citizen hall, k?


carrie b said...

you make me smile tiffany!

i can totally picture you w/ 10 bingo cards in front of you w/ your blotter! love it!

jenny said...

Oh we can totally play Bingo together as senior citizens! Maybe we'll actually win some of our money back...