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Until what, you ask? Until the guys get back to the states. In celebration of this great occasion, I'm going to list some of the things that I miss about Jake. And Asante.

About Jake...
* taking our evening walks to debrief our day.
* laying in bed while asante falls asleep between us, again, talking about whatever is on our minds
* eating breakfast on the couch, talking about our upcoming day (wow, we do a lot of talking, huh?)
* our 1 hour lunch breaks, 1-2p
* dissecting Asante's baby books as we read them
* watching office together
* our sunday movies
* learning about all of the strange, linguistical things he's learning about
* making out (of course i miss this, right?)

About Asante...
* hugs from behind (his surprise attacks :))
* "if you're happy and you know it..."
* crawling into my lap, wanting me to read a book (again and again)
* kisses (but not biting, i still don't like his biting)
* waving to me and shaking peoples' hands

yay for the boys coming back in 2 1/2 weeks!!!!