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On Becoming Baby Wise

I need to start off by saying that there are a hundred different ideas about how to raise a baby. Hundreds. And everyone thinks the other people are wrong. So when I read differing ideas, I become conflicted. Who do I believe?

And now the book. Baby Wise is the opposite of what the Happiest Baby on the Block talked about. These doctors talk about how babies need structure, a schedule of sorts. Where, if you remember, Happiest Baby talks about how babies need to be listened to and given what they indicate they need.

Mental angst.

Basically, you put baby on a schedule. Sleep, eat, play, repeat. At first just an hour and a half or two hours inbetween. Then a little longer, more food, little longer…all until they sleep through the night. After the baby sleeps 8-9 hours straight, you can let them go 4 hours before eating again. And that’s how you get them to sleep through the night. By a good schedule of eating.
I think there’s more to that than just a schedule of eating. I think it has to do with the maturation of the brain, as well as the temperament of the baby. But I’m sure eating enough helps very much too.

I think this is a helpful book for new moms to read. It would have been helpful to read this before week 9. But really Asante was already sleeping through the night ..almost anyway. I was doing a few of the things instinctively. But the one thing I am now trying to be more intentional about is having Asante sleep after playing, and not after eating. That way he doesn’t become dependent on having to eat before sleeping.


Anonymous said...

"Babywise" is not written by doctors, as described in your blog. It is written by a man who seems to claim to know the mind of G-d. He says he is for 'raising kids G-d's way". And yet he trains mother's to ignore their G-d given insticts, and to ignore the signals that He gave babies to help their mothers understand their needs. Ezzo's whole philosophy of babies being manipulative is not based in Biblical study in any way, shape, or form.