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Daughter of China

I received this book from Jake's mom while Jake and I were dating/newly engaged my senior year of college...and I JUST NOW got to it-- how horrible is that?! :) Actually, I think this was perfect timing for such a book as this.

Sometimes I forget about the persecuted church-- I think that this past year has been a time of healing for me--- after all that happened with jake in 2005-2006, I was ready for a year of rest. A time when I didn't have to think about suffering and heartache and unfairness. I think the Lord was very gracious with me- to let me fully heal from all of that, giving me a time of true rest under His hand of protection.

But, I think that that time of healing is over, and that I'm ready (and God is ready) to allow me to see things- and feel things- that are not fair, that don't make sense, and that make the world seem not all right.

And although this book is a fiction piece, it still reminded me of the realness of suffering believers around the world; believers who pay quite a high price for following and sharing in Christ's sufferings. Some believers in the U.S. have said that suffering is not necessary to follow Christ- that that was just a theme of some of Paul's letters, and a result of the culture in the days the N.T. was written. I don't buy it though. Because it does happen today in the world. And I know all too well the perspective and understanding and closeness of sharing in Christ's suffering brings to believers. On one hand I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but on another, I pray that everyone goes through it. And that they would come out strong, with a better understanding of God's love, grace, and reallness.

So, content of this book? It was a good read, but it doesn't really matter the storyline. What will stick with me is the clear face of the persecuted church that this showed me. And the necessity and beauty of us sharing in Christ's sufferings, to the glory of God.