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The End Revealled

Jake and I's anniversary scavenger hunt ended wonderfully!

I went to the library with Jake on Thursday after picking him up from work at 1:45. He said he would just go to the kids' section and wait for me there while I went to find the book. So, I went upstairs and found the book in the section with the other code books. Except this was not a code book- it was an old psychology book of ours! "What's this doing here? This must be it." I took the book and headed downstairs to further examine it. While I was waiting for the elevator, I hear someone next to me clearing their throat- not once, but twice. I looked over and saw Ms. Ashley Williams standing next to me with our video camera! :) Ah, she's the one that planted the book.

We went downstairs, where we found some plastic cups with sparkling grape juice, ready to celebrate :). (We also found Asante standing in the middle of the floor, starting to pee in his pants, but that's another story, lol). Jake ran off with Asante to the bathroom, and I opened the book. On the inside cover, it said, "Throughout history human beings have used various means to communicate. I've chosen a sample to communicate my love to you." Well, I thought, isn't that sweet? I was slightly disappointed because I thought that was it.

Jake got back to the table and asked what was in the book. I read it to him and smiled while thinking to myself, "Why is Ashley running that video camera still? I don't really this is video-worthy." OF COURSE IT WASN'T ALL!

Jake encouraged me to flip through the book, and that's when I realized a big chunk of pages were stuck together. On another page, inside the book, a message said: "If the journey is as much the gift as the destination then my love is proved." When ripping through that page, one would find a hollowed out portion of the book that contained $599 of ones and fives! I also found two more data matrices, which I decoded on the spot with Ash's iphone, and it revealed that this money was to purchase an ipad! What a fantastic surprise!!

I have decided to wait a little while, in hopes of a second generation ipad announcement coming this summer. Rumor has it that it will be much better and perhaps slightly cheaper. I reserve the right at anytime to give in and buy a first generation, but I will hopefully at least make it to a summer announcement of future plans.