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10 weeks

On Monday I had my 9/10 week pregnancy check-up. I really enjoy my doctor and I hadn't seen her since I gave birth to Aly, so it was fun to catch up and to re-hash past pregnancy/birthing experiences.

When the time came to listen for the heartbeat, she reminded me that she may not be able to hear the heartbeat this time because it's still pretty early. Most of the time, you can't guarantee to hear a heart beat (externally) until week 12.

Sure enough, she found baby malloy's heartbeat fairly quickly (nice and strong), and as soon as she found it, she kinda pressed the instrument deeper into my stomach. When she did that, my whole uterus jumped! She laughed, and said in a surprised voice, "Tiffany, your uterus moved!" I said, "I know! I felt it." She thinks the baby didn't enjoy being smushed.

Looks like we have another fiesty little one on the way! =)