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Update on Classes- some things I'm learning

For my church history class, I've spent the last 2 days devouring the stories of the early church. I am so fascinated and am learning so much about where the church has come from, some of the great leaders (and their weaknesses), and the issues that they had to deal with. It makes me realize that we're not all that different today in some ways. I must admit that I find some alarming parallels between the church when Constantine was Emperor and the present day church (of course, many great differences as well). Some of the theologians and preachers who spoke out against the injustices of the day were brave and unstoppable. That kind of drive, courage, and energy is admirable. May it be an encouragement to those today who are doing the same. Throughout all of this reading, I must admit that the monastic life is in some ways intriguing and seemingly beneficial, if only for a short period of time. Too bad most have abandoned that idea today. A little solitude, uninterrupted time of prayer and scripture reading and memorizing may do many of us well.

In Foundations of Leadership, we're discussing the classical vs. scientific views of leadership (i.e. are leaders born or made?)... as it relates to Christianity, my reply is - all Christians are leaders, so let's just get to leadership development! For those who are leery of that last statement, think about it- Jesus tells us we're to go and make disciples-- leading people to Christ, and then discipling them afterwards. I'm a firm believer in the 2 Timothy 2:2 principle- we're all to be mentoring someone younger than us (and hopefully being mentored by someone older than us!). Everyone leads someone.

Theology of Servant Leadership is a great class so far that is challenging us to be very introspective and reflective thus far. The passage of Mary and Martha is a little overused in my book, but he created an experience that made the newness pop out once again (thank you, prof.).

Finally, New Testament is just really taking off, not a lot to say about that yet. My prof is from Haiti but lives in Jamaica with his Russian wife. Uh- how cool is that?! I'm excited to learn about interpreting the New Testament, especially with his insights on living and marrying cross-culturally.


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