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A picture worth a lot of thoughts...

As I was looking at the picture of myself in the margin of this blog, I realized that it represents so many things.

...jake and I's dream of loving people and serving God in East Africa. Lord, may you guide our path back there someday.

...jake and I's hope of someday being able to sit out under the stars on the African plain. The night before this picture was taken, we camped out in a tent with some good friends in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We got to sit around the campfire, talk, and enjoy the African night sky.

...jake and I's obedience in going ... but the humility that came with God calling us back. Represents a confusion as to why we were asked to go for such a short period of time. Lots of guesses, but no real answers.

...a part of my heart that is missing. we didn't do anything very "great" while in kenya. we just got to know some great people and learned a lot of life lessons. Even so, part of my heart is there, and I often let my mind wonder back to the NEGST community, wondering how things are and praying for all of our friends there.


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