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Book Review of Thy Kingdom Connected

In addition to being a booksneeze blogger, I also review books for The Ooze Viral Bloggers. The opportunity to review Thy Kingdom Come by Dwight J. Friesen recently came to my inbox, and I had to jump on it. The subtitle is "What the Church can Learn from Facebook, the Internet, and Other Networks." Basically the book used networky terms and ideas to communicate the role of the church, the role of pastors, the idea of the kingdom of God, and missions.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the complexity of this book. It was easy to read, but it was written in a variety of styles- textbookish at times, businessy at times, leadership-like at other times. Also, at the end of each chapter, the author gave some suggested books to read as well as some reflection questions. These types of additions really make a book more than a one-time read experience. It networks you to other books, other resources, and makes the reading experience more of an ongoing conversation. In fact, that's very in-line with Friesen's premise.

If you are a church leader, or an future church leader, this book is for you, ESPECIALLY the chapters on what church is. Although the subtitle is slightly misleading (there's not much talk about using facebook or the internet for the purpose of the church), it's still a great book on the idea of the kingdom of God being like a giant network.


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