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La La La La, La La La La...Asante's World {1}

Last week, Asante has started going to preschool/day care. It's this great, in-home place that is run by a husband and wife, plus a few MU students. They are from one of the local churches, and seem to be a great family. I actually found out about them by showing up at their yard sale, and after we got to chatting, she told me she had a couple openings. So, one week later, we visit and Asante doesn't want to leave....which is a great sign!

He goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 7:10a-12:20p. He enjoys it so far, and has brought home fun craft projects both days. :) We're excited for him to get a little socialization and hopefully learn from the bigger 3 and 4 year-olds.

In the past week, he has also started doing his "happy dance", which is pretty funny to see. He'll do it anytime of day, and in lots of locations- his room, his bed, the bathtub and his car seat. I hope to post a video of it soon for those of you who are far away.

In addition, his newest phrase is "watch me, mommy [or daddy or aly]", and then he does something that he thinks we'll find to be funny or impressive.

We've been pleased with his sentence-making, sometimes stringing together 5 or 6 words. He started stuttering pretty bad last week, which made us nervous since severe stuttering runs in my side of the family. It was making him very frustrated, and he'd say, "No talk" and kind of whimper. I felt so bad for him because I was quite the stutterer for a very long time (and still do time-to-time). But, this week it's been a lot less, so it may have just accompanied his jump in vocabulary.

We've been thinking about 2nd birthday party details, so if anyone has any fun ideas/themes, let us know! Right now we're considering a farmyard theme, or maybe Elmo :).

[1] Elmo's World, anyone? If you're not familiar, youtube it.


denise said...

Magnum told Daisy to look at him the other day! I'm missing too much! Come down here!!!

JR. said...

I never knew you were a stutter-er. He'll get past it. He's brilliant!

jenny said...

Please don't do Elmo. Elmo freaks me out...please do a jungle theme or something else...if you do Elmo, I won't be able to look at pictures of the party without going into hysteria. Seriously. There will be NO ELMO at my house when we have children.