I'm a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister and a follower of Jesus who is learning how to love God and people better. Scroll down to take a look at some of my adventures!


Daily Tweets

  • 08:19 hopefully in 2 days i will be running..yesssss. #
  • 09:00 @hundiejo: what is your primary desire for the function? #
  • 09:33 @hundiejo...i feel like more people are on shelfari, and i think you can use it for free for a bigger amount of books. #
  • 10:32 i think my son just rolled his eyes at me...really? does he know how to do that already? #
  • 12:13 really looking forward to starting on all of this collegiate curriculum/research stuff in a couple weeks! #
  • 12:46 reading about intellectuals. NOT me, but i know some... #
  • 12:49 oneread.dbrl.org check out this year's One Read. anyone want to read it and attend community discussions with me? #
  • 12:56 @hundijo...not yet, but we should make a plan! i was thinking that we should all have a brainstorming session soon... #
  • 14:00 off to parkade church building to play on the playground #
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