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Coupon Clipping

A few weeks ago I began to search out coupons in newspapers and on the internet to help save some money in the grocery area of our budget. I have good memories of helping my mom cut and organize coupons into categorical envelopes on Sunday afternoons (we'd buy the sunday newspaper after church and look at it over lunch). So, I bought my envelopes, labeled them similarly to my childhood memories, and have been cutting away.

Okay, so onto the good part- the other day I bought about $15-$20 worth of stuff for only $6.50! woot woot. How? Well, I used great saving coupons from coupons.com on items that were already on sale! In fact, Walmart payed me $.02 to buy BBQ sauce.

Warning. Intense bargain hunting is addicting :).


Abby Jaskolski said...

Awesome! A few months ago i got the book "The Cheapest Family in America" from the library, and it has some great money saving tips. You should check it out! For trimming down our grocery bill, I did the $1 trial on www.thegrocerygame.com and it seriously does work. I halved our grocery bill in the first month! After the $1 free 4 week trial you have to pay a small fee to continue the service, but it's totally worth it!