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As I get ready on a sunday morning

As I prepare to go to Sunday worship service this morning, I think about a particular service at KCC, our congregation in Nairobi. One morning, during the unusually dry season, our whole congregation took 10 minutes or so to join together in prayer for rain. Pleading with the Lord to send it. Confessing before the Lord various national sins. Asking for mercy.

And the next week it rained, much to everyone's surprise (everyone being those who lived in the Nairobi region).

Got me thinking...if I was going to lead the congregation in prayer, what would I ask God for? plead with him for? and also, do I really come to the corporate worship service in expectation?

just some sunday morning musings...


Jake said...

interesting thoughts Tiffy

jenny said...

I think you have an interesting point about what we expect out of corporate worship. For those individuals in a "free" country where they are allowed to worship at will without fear of negative ramifications, I think it is easier to not expect anything- although we wouldn't necessarily admit it. Sad really when you think about it, but the Church seems to do worse in "plenty and safety" and thrive when in "want and adversity".

Tiffany said...

yeah, Jenny, I agree with you. I wonder how we can begin to reapproach worship gatherings with a different attitude...because i mean, it is difficult sometimes.