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Working while at home?

I've been trying to think of creative ways to earn money while staying at home it the kids. There's a million "get rich quick" schemes out there that I will always avoid, and it seems like everything for moms to do are things that are pretty girly- selling make-up or skin products or jewelry or scrapbooking stuff (although i do enjoy scrapbooking)- and i'm not really into all of that sale stuff. Especially after living in Africa, I dont want to try and sell things to people that I dont think they really need.

So, that leaves me with the option of ... ohhh... nothing. Here are things I wish I could get paid to do. So if you know anyone who needs this kind of help and is willing to hire someone to do it, pass my name on :).

1. reviewing books and posting reviews online.
2. internet research
3. making budgets for families
4. anything organizational/administrative

I once had a job where I could do this, through NAMB, but that position has since been terminated as the offices and people were rearranged. It was a perfect job really :). So I'll keep on praying and whatever, but if you have author friends or publishing friends who are needing a helpful hand from a stay-at-home momma, let me know!


Mrs. Haid said...

I am thinking of these same things, Tiffany. I wondered if you'd be interested in working on the Missouri online school system? I am not sure if you still have certification, and I don't think its a "get rick quick" scheme, but it might provide some food for thought! I am applying for a position with this - actually, almose done applying.

I was also wondering if you'd considered being an administrative assistant at a church - you'd be good at writing newsletters, making contacts in the community, planning events.

Or what about some of the charitable agencies that deal with refugees around here? A woman who is in charge of this goes to my church, and I think you might know her...

Tiffany said...

those are good ideas bethany! thanks! where would i go to look at the missouri online school system stuff? my certification is up in may, but i have been researching how i can renew it.