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Soul Cravings

Soul Cravings is one of the books written by Erwin McManus, cultural architect of Mosaic Church in L.A. I’ve read a few of his books in the past and really enjoy his writing style and way of communicating ideas.

Soul Cravings was not my favorite book of his, but I can see that for the right audience, it could be really powerful. He talks about 3 things that are human- intimacy, destiny, and meaning. One of the 3 topics, intimacy, raised a lot of questions about who I am and about my past that were good to explore. I’m thankful to Erwin for facilitating that time for me to find some things out about myself that I had never reflected on before.


Amanda said...

ha, sorry, i didnt see this post before i wrote the other comment. i gave soul cravings to lindsay fox this year for christmas. do you think she could connect well to some of those things?