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2009 Goals

2009 Goals
God willing, I hope to achieve these goals by the end of 2009. As I made these goals, I did so with an attitude of prayer and reflection on what I felt like the Lord would see as good. However, I know that unforeseen circumstances can arise. These are my goals and aspirations; they are open for change as is best-seen fit.

1. Memorize 50 verses (one per week).
2. Read a total of at least 5,000 pages (about 100 per week).
3. Scrapbook Germany trip, Asante’s First Two Years of Life, and Alethea’s first year. Brainstorm about what a family dream time/family journey scrapbook would look like (or something along those lines). Write a short article about scrapbooking for the sake of the Kingdom.
4. Think through our family traditions, especially around the holidays. Work on establishing some family traditions, or some fun intentional activities to celebrate.
a. Legally add Keagan to Asante’s name: figure out how to document this and make it something that is meaningful for him.
b. Celebrate Christmas differently. Rethink the holiday. Brainstorm and make creative, meaningful gifts for family and friends.
c. What do birthdays look like for us? How is that differentiated from spiritual birthday celebrations (especially since the kids don’t have them)?
5. Begin my M.A. in Christian Leadership through Asbury Seminary.
6. Become a better blogger. Write more about different topics (after I get back to the states), and respond to comments in a timely manner. Redesign my blog to intentionally fit my purpose. Think creatively and outside-the-box. Look at other Christian women’s blogs- what are some things I like about theirs? How does a blog become “well read”?
7. Plan a fun, anniversary celebration.
8. Organize our family financially. Figure out what we desire for the future in terms of finances, guidelines to follow when spending, giving, saving, celebrating, future investments, etc.
9. Become a better celebrator: sending cards, celebrating family and friends on special occasions/birthdays, etc.
10. Establish in my own heart and mind (and what that looks like on the outside) a truer sense of self: learning how to both love myself and sacrifice and love others intensely.
11. Possibly volunteer some time with the BSU or some other ministry. Continue to invest in the younger women.
12. Figure out how international ministry fits into my time in the U.S.
13. Organize my recipes in a good, logical way; with pictures when possible.
14. Find and meet regularly with a good friend or two (female version of teammate time).
15. Possibly work on building and promoting a baby center for the association.
16. Work on a language, even if ever so slowly.


Jake said...

I'm confident you can achieve these

Isaac Johnson said...

What's the significance of "Keagan"??

Amanda said...

i am so excited to see you in 2009!

elmosoccers said...

I'm so excited that you acheived your reading goal. I didn't keep a count of how many books I read last year. I wanted to enjoy the books more instead of trying to get through them to acheive a goal. I was almost all the way through a book when I realized I read it the year before. My favorite series was the Twilight books. They were fun quick reads.

jenny said...

So you're coming back to CoMo for a while? We can learn Arabic together because I'm obsessed with that language now...

And I have a ton of scrapbooking to catch up on- let's plan a Scrapbooking Saturday :)

And I think I know a bunch of people who went to Asbury...

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