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Your Pregnancy & Birth

This is the first real pregnancy book I read. My doctor gave it to me when I found out that I was pregnant. In fact, I read almost the whole thing in one day on the spring break mission trip when I was in bed sick all day.

Most of the book isn't actually about being pregnant, as much as it is about labor and after birth expectations, so I'll probably be re-reading a lot of it as I move towards that stage later this year.

It was really informative of what to expect in a very general way. However, I would recommend "What to Expect when You're Expecting" WAY over this, at least for the day-to-day pregnancy symptoms, experiences, etc.

I think that after reading the section about birth defects is the first time I realized that there is always a chance that our baby may have down's syndrome or spina bifida or something. That, of course, is not a fun realization, but I think that Jake and I are pretty much at peace with that if that's what the Lord entrusts us with.

I suppose this book would be a good beginning book for any pregnant woman.