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George Muller

What, what a great book to increase one's faith. Sometimes I can hardly believe that all that he writes is true. Provision after provision. Asking no one for money but God. And the believers are moved to give, not even knowing there is need. Muller exhorts the believer to trust in God, believing that His love for us is deep and rich and real, and He is our friend and provider. We must trust in Him, and not in ourselves.

Talked about having a career...and if we're in a career or working just to make money and support ourselves and our family, Muller says we need to find a different job. oh that is so different from the way the world works and teaches us! But to find a place to which God is calling us, whether this be in the business world, in a classroom, on the stock exchange, in the newsroom, or in a daycare.

Crazy. Awesome. Cool. God's challenging me a lot to trust Him alone.


Jake said...

it seems like the message we get from society is "work hard so you'll have money to do what you want outside of work" I think I like "do God's will and you'll have what you need" better

Tiffany Malloy said...

me too.